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Ceci & Hope

Friday, January 2, 2015

Other Fencing Options

Goat Fence 4X4
 Other fencing I recommend that is much more permanent than electric is 4X4 woven wire. There are several heavy duty brands that work well if installed properly. Red Brand have what they call the Square knot. Very good heavy duty stuff. I would prefer this over cattle panels even. Living here in Missouri cattle panels will leave many gaps along the bottom where woven wire can basically be fit to the lay of the land.

Types of fencing I do not recommend but can be made to work for goats.

Barbed wire   It can be dangerous if not done right for goats. 4-6 strands of barbed wire with 2-3 of hot wire added is workable for goats. Barbed wire can catch udders or other soft skin and tear easily if they try to slip through or if they get pushed into it. The electric will keep them off of it. I had a doe get a good size gash on her udder when they were pushing to get a through a gate. She was pushed against the fence and her udder was full. She healed fine but definitely something I did not want to happen again. I now have panels lining that part so something like that doesn't happen again.

Woven wire  
 With squares large enough for a goat to fit their head through. This is mainly a problem with horned goats. If they can get their head through Babies can get through also. I have seen many goat farms with this type of fencing and have goats with their head stuck in the fence. If you are gone through the day or they are out at night this puts your goats at risk to predators especially stray dogs. They roam night and day, coyotes tend to be nocturnal. Goats getting stuck in the fence is also dangerous in extreme weather. A goat in the heat or the cold for long periods of time will be stressed and can die from exposure. Babies can get out and separated from the herd. This makes them very vulnerable to predators. A baby in separated makes a lot of noise and can attract predators in the area. Adding a couple of strands of hot wire will keep the older goats out and off the fence.

Cattle Panels are great for many things.
 They work best for small lots, Buck pens and secure barnyards that are on fairly level ground. Because they are so rigid, it can create holes under the fence that open up your pastures to predators like stray dogs and coyotes. They prefer to go under a fence rather than over. Panels are great for secure barnyards to lock them up at night. Especially the panels with graduated squares. Horse panels are the absolute best for this.. But very pricey. I prefer to use them to build barns and hay feeders. That will be covered in another section.

My Dream Fence 
 It would be 4 foot, 4X4 goat fencing with the square knot topped with 2 strands of barbed wire and one strand of electric about head high to a goat to them off of it. Cross fencing with with hot wire for rotational or Managed intensive grazing systems. Adding height will help keep other animals like deer which can carry meningeal worm or predators out of your pastures and protect your goats. My goats are an investment as well as pets and I prefer to protect them from loss as much as possible. I also like to be a good neighbor so protect your goats and your neighbors garden with good fencing.

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  1. I am a beginner at raising goats, and just found your blog! Can never have too much information, and I plan on going back and reading as much as I can. We fenced our 10 acres with a 7 strand smooth wire (also called high tensile) fence (with added electric). We further corral our goat herd in 4 Premier 1 net fences that also have electric. We are located on the Nature Coast of Florida and have a lot of coyote pressure. So far, we have had no signs of them coming on the property.